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EST Gee’s ‘Mad’ Album Trailer Teases A Personal Look Into His Harrowing Life Experiences

It looks like new music from EST Gee is coming sooner than we thought. On Friday (March 3), the Louisville rapper shared a trailer on Instagram for his upcoming project, Mad.

The trailer seems to tease that Mad will offer a more personal look into EST Gee’s life, as he shares stories of the trauma he’s been forced to deal with. In the short clip, viewers see a 2017 phone call between EST Gee and his friend Red, who was killed shortly after returning from prison.

In a voiceover, EST Gee shares some words, as he fights through the pain.

“You gonna look at me and tell me it ain’t that bad,” EST Gee says in the clip. “Let them bang on my past. Bet you don’t feel nothing, you can’t be mad. You cannot be mad… Ain’t no tragedy in life like the death of a child, they say.”

Mad marks EST Gee’s second project in six months, his previous being I Never Felt Nun. In an interview for Rolling Stone conducted around that time, EST Gee shared that he hopes his success motivates other rappers from Louisville.

“They know me,” said EST Gee. “So, where I was standing at, a lot of people standing at [now], so they know they can get on. That was important to see. Because Jack [Harlow], yeah, he from Louisville, but he from a different place, different demographic. So people just like me, [my success] motivates them. They created a scene where there wasn’t no scene before and there’s a scene now.”

You can check out the trailer above.

Mad is out 3/17 via CMG and Interscope.