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‘BMF’: Here’s All The Music You Heard In Season 2, Episode 8

(SPOILERS for this week’s BMF episode will be found below.)

In episode eight of season two of BMF, “Push It To The Limit,Meech and Terry are ready to begin their new era as bosses in Detroit and elsewhere. After a brief celebration, the Flenory boys get right to work. Meech heads to Cleveland to establish a connection and hub with a man named Bleek while Terry stays in Detroit to find and instruct drivers for BMF so that they can avoid another Denise situation. Elsewhere, Charles faces some trouble after Lucille suspects that he’s being unfaithful, Wanda has to make a big decision that could impact her, Terry, and BMF, and Terry makes some long-awaited progress with Markeisha, but we’ll just have to wait and see how long that lasts

The aforementioned events in the eighth episode of BMF season two, titled ““Push It To The Limit”,” are soundtracked by songs that help to accentuate the emotions behind each scene. You can find a list of them belong as well as details about the scenes that the records soundtracked.

The following records were provided thanks to the Starz Public Relations team.

Run-D.M.C. — “Hard Times”

Run-D.M.C.’s “Hard Times” plays to start “Push It To The Limit” as Meech and Terry are looking proudly over their new batch of cocaine. Meech is much more excited than Terry who wants Meech to realize that the work is just getting started for them.

Bud — “Chicago House Mix”

We hear this record 1:17 mark as Meech and Terry arrive at a car wash in Detroit. It’s here that Meech says that BMF will use the car wash to secretly load vehicles with drugs.

50 Cent — “Wish Me Luck” Feat. Charlie Wilson

This is the theme song of BMF. It plays at the 3:10 mark in “Both Sides Of The Fence.” While it’s only 50 Cent and Charlie Wilson’s voices that are heard at this moment, the song also features Snoop Dogg and Moneybagg Yo.

Michael — “Hard Crew”

Around the 4:40 mark, Meech meets with the PA Boys who have also heard about K-9’s arrest. Meech pulls Sterling aside for a conversation. A short time later, Meech informs Terry that he’s going to Cleveland to establish a base there.

Marlon Coles — “Kind Of Vibe”

Marlon Coles’ “Kind Of Vibe” checks in around the 08:36 mark as Terry pulls up to a club to meet with Boom. He spots Markeisha and lets her know that he got a new plug in Colombia. He flexes some muscle to her and returns the money he owed him.

Dre and Arnie Woods — “Betcha Get Yours”

This song plays around the 09:40 mark as Meech arrives to meet with Bleek and proposes doing business with him. Despite his promise to make Bleek more money than ever, Meech is unable to get Bleek on board.

Taequan Black x Osi — “Don’t Even Try”

We hear this record around the 13:57 mark as Bleek’s crew arrives to confront Meech and Stone’s crew. Bleek’s crew attacks Meech and Stone’s crew, but Meech makes it clear that he gave Bleek the opportunity to cash in on what he’s doing, so it’s his fault he’s missing out.

Tucka Da Huntaman x Francion — “Let Me Find Out”

Around the 17:44 mark, Bleek returns to Meech to admit that he believes Meech’s offer is true. He asks if it’s still on the table and Meech confirms that the offer is available to him as long as Terrell and Meech’s cousin James are left out of it.

King Kahlo — “Never Too Far”

This song plays around the 18:56 mark as Monique and Lamar lay in bed together high on cocaine. This is all a part of Monique and Meech’s plan to kill Lamar, and though Monique has the opportunity to do it, she’s unable to gather herself to complete the mission.

Extreme — “Bills Theme”

We hear this song around the 23:18 mark as Markeisha walks into an empty restaurant for dinner with Terry. She stuns Terry with her dress, and the two don’t eat much of anything, as they head to a back room for some fun to start their night.

BChe — “Temporary”

Around the 25:48 mark, this song plays as Terry and Markeisha are doing some shopping at a luxury shop. Their time together ends with them going to another location to have sex once again. Markeisha is also able to convince Terry to cut off the rat tail on the back of his head.

Yellow Magic Orchestra — “Firecracker”

Yellow Magic Orchestra’s “Firecracker” plays around the 27:31 mark as the rollerskating night begins. At this moment, we see Meech express his displeasure for Terry cutting off his rat tail, which Meech suspects is connected to Markeisha. Lucille also arrives in the dress Meech bought her.

Solo D — “Come Party Wit Us”

This song plays around the 30:18 mark as Terry and Markeisha are talking to each other at the roller rink. As they’re talking, Wanda spots them and starts walking over to Terry to confront him about being with Markeisha, but Meech successfully talks her out of it.

Anita Baker — “Will You Be Mine”

Anita Baker’s “Will You Be Mine” plays around the 31:12 mark as a couples dance begins at the roller rink. Meech initially grabs Lucille to dance, but Charles arrives to take over. Meech and Monique also share a cute moment which is interrupted by Meech’s request for her to complete the mission they have to take down Lamar.

Erin n Franc — “Sexuality”

We hear this record around the 39:09 mark during a sex scene between Detective Bryant and Detective Jin. It comes after they both decided to let off some steam after Wanda decided not to give them information on Meech and Terry.

Cicero — “80s Rap 4”

Around the 44:03 mark, this song plays in Detective Bryant’s son Kevin’s headphones as B-Mickie steps into the house to find the gun he used to kill Jay Mo and Kato. Before he begins the frantic search, B-Mickie puts a bag over Kevin’s head and traps him in a closet.

Extreme — “Gang With No Name”

Around the 45:40 mark, B-Mickie begins the frantic search for the gun, but he’s unable to retrieve the weapon because he hears Detective Bryant return which gives him no time to get the gun.

Koron x Osinachi — “Not Making It Out”

The episode closes with this record playing around the 48:15 mark. It comes after a conversation between Meech and B-Mickie where the former promises to always have B-Mickie’s back despite his past actions.

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