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Fox News Finally Addressed The $1.6 Billion Dominion Lawsuit, At Least In The ‘SNL’ Cold Open

For the last couple weeks, Fox News has mostly stayed stum about one of the biggest stories around: that some really damning revelations have been made about Fox News as part of the pricey Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit against them. If you only watch the conservative network, you may not know much about its hosts privately expressing disbelief at the kooky 2020 voter fraud conspiracy theories, or honcho Rupert Murdoch admitting he let them disseminate them on air.

SNL’s version of Fox News, however, was finally all over it. In their latest Cold Open, the sketch show had Fox & Friends hosts address the elephant in the room, if only after confusing boss Rupert Murdoch with now convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh. And with other things.

“I’m surprised because I’m such a fan of dominions. The little yellow guys with the overalls,” said Bowen Yang’s Brian Kilmeade, who later admitted that he wasn’t in the loop on the fact that the voter fraud conspiracies spread after the 2020 election were BS.

They then said the texts, from the likes of Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, were simply taken out of context. For instance, one in which Sean Hannity wrote “Sean Hannity is insane,” Yang’s Kilmeade claimed, was missing the rest. “It’s Rudy Giuliani is insane-ly hot,” he said.

You can watch the sketch in the video above.