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Dilbert Swung By ‘SNL’ Weekend Update To Complain About His Creator Scott Adams’ Racist Rant

Last weekend, Scott Adams saw the consequences of his actions: A recent racist rant, in which he called Black people a “hate group” and advised white people to “get the f*ck away” from them, led to the cancellation of his longtime comic strip, Dilbert, from gobs of newspapers. On the most recent Weekend Update, SNL double-dipped into the controversy. Not only did hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost drag him, but they even brought on Dilbert himself to do the same.

Featured player Michael Longfellow swung by in full Dilbert regalia to scorch his own creator. “Michael, I think I can speak for myself and the entire all-white staff at the Dilbert offices when I say this is a total shock,” he said. “I mean, most cartoonists are weird. But racist weird? Let’s just say, I never got that memo,” a winkingly lame nod to the strip’s office work humor.

Longfellow’s Dilbert also addressed his weird epidermis. “My hair is skin,” Dilbert lamented. “It’s the great tragedy of my life.”

He did say that Adams’ bigoted tirade did have one positive effect: It inspired him to delve into socialist thinkers like Karl Marx, leading him to think that there’s a looming race war. He knew he wanted to side with the progressives.

“Are you ready? Because Dilbert is ready,” Longfellow’s Dilbert conlduded. “I woke up this morning ready to take to the streets and paint the city with the blood of a white man.”

You can watch the sketch in the video above.