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Tom Brady Claims He Can’t Return To The NFL Because He Adopted A Kitten

Tom Brady retired (again) earlier this offseason, and now, there are rumors that he may unretire and play another NFL season (again). Brady announced his second retirement on a beach back in February, saying that unlike the departure from football that he announced last year, this one would be “for good.”

Despite that, Rich Eisen of NFL Network shared an apparent rumor that made its way around at the NFL Draft Combine: Brady has some interest in playing during the 2023 season. According to Eisen, the belief in Indianapolis was that the Miami Dolphins are a team to watch in Brady’s alleged interest in never living anywhere other than Florida ever again.

Brady is apparently not joining Fox as its lead NFL broadcaster until 2024, so he does have some time to kill before he gets into the television game. There was a rumor that he’s considering getting into stand-up comedy, but despite the Tampa Bay Buccaneers struggling last season, it does seem like he still has some gas in the tank if he decides to play football again.

On Tuesday, Brady addressed Eisen’s report on his Twitter account and indicated that he’s a little too busy after getting his daughter a kitten.

There is nothing stopping Brady from spending the next three months taking care of his new cat and then signing a deal with an NFL team. We’ll keep you updated on any additional relevant updates regarding the kitten as they become available.