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At Least One ‘Mandalorian’ Director Wouldn’t Be Surprised To See Baby Yoda In A ‘Star Wars’ Movie

Between 2015 and 2019, there was a Star Wars movie, whether as part of the sequel trilogy or a standalone installment, every year. That’s a half-decade of uninterrupted Star Wars films — now we’re going that long without a new one.

But if/when the untitled film (possibly directed by Taika Waititi) comes out in 2025, will it feature a cameo from The One and Only Baby Yoda? It’s something that The Mandalorian director Rick Famuyiwa won’t rule out.

“I don’t know what the big plan of everything is, and obviously, there’s so much storytelling happening now in Star Wars. There are series, and a lot has happened in the films. So what that all means in terms of how we create things and for what medium has all started to blur,” he told the Hollywood Reporter.

That being said, Famuyiwa “wouldn’t be surprised” to see Baby Yoda or Space Amy Sedaris on the big screen. Grogu wants to show off his range in a Wes Anderson or Julia Ducournau movie, but he’ll settle for Star Wars for now.

Famuyiwa continued:

“I certainly don’t have any inside knowledge about anything that’s happening in that regard. But there’s a large storytelling community within Star Wars that is very active on the series side and continues to be active when it comes to what may be happening with the films moving forward.”

And the award for Best Actor at the 2026 Oscars goes to… the ferry droid!

the Hollywood Reporter