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Does Texas Lawmaker Ted Cruz Really Not Consider El Paso To Be A Border City?

Ted Cruz generally doesn’t let the world know whether he’s upset about being dragged, but the Internet might have struck a nerve this week. He’s endured (well deserved) Cancun jokes and a merciless dragging by the star of one of his favorite movies, The Princess Bride. Ted even left his much maligned Fight Club take remain intact, so it’s quite something when he actually deletes a tweet.

That appears to be exactly what happened. A tiny bit of backstory: Ted and many of his GOP colleagues love to criticize President Biden over the longstanding chaos at the U.S.-Mexico border. Heck, Marjorie Taylor Greene recently made what could be more than a typo by claiming that Biden had let a majority of the global population surge over the border. Ted has spent some time at the border while lurking in the bushes like a “Brooks Brothers Bear Grylls,” so he might think that Biden should do the same. And now there’s what appears to be a now-deleted tweet about how “Biden has never been to the border. He went to El Paso, which is 800 miles from the Rio Grande Valley.”

As screencaps indicate, Ted would have been promoting his recent Fox News appearance, in which he accused Biden of aiding the journey of cartel heads from “vicious murderers” into billionaires. Well, we now know that Ted Cruz has not been watching Narcos or Narcos: Mexico on Netflix. Also, here’s what Cruz said on Fox News (around the 4:00 mark in the below clip):

“You have Joe Biden, who’s been to the southern border once. He went to El Paso, 800 miles from the Rio Grande Valley. And amazingly enough, he says that he went to our southern border and didn’t see a single illegal alien, which is extraordinary political theater because they cleaned everyone off the streets and said, look. Nobody’s here.”

How could Ted not consider El Paso to be a border city? Social media seems puzzled by this as well.

Perhaps Ted was trying to make his own type of point, but whatever the case, it appears that he actually rethought his words and deleted a tweet. So this remains a mystery, but it doesn’t seem like this type of Twitter mess can be blamed on an intern.