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Nicki Minaj And Ice Spice Showed Each Other Love On Social Media, But Fans Don’t Know How Long It’ll Last

It looks like Nicki MInaj has a new favorite hip-hop it-girl in Ice Spice. The two rappers showed each other love recently, with Ice Spice gushing about loving Nicki growing up in a cover story for Dazed and Nicki following suit with a follow on Twitter. Nicki also commented on one of Ice Spice’s recent Instagram posts, co-signing her “Princess” status. “No more passes Princess,” she wrote. “Let’s go.”

However, some fans are skeptical about all of Nicki’s love-bombing, considering how quickly she turned on a number of other female rappers shortly after working with them. The Queens rapper recently sent shade at Latto, sparking a back and forth stemming from the two rappers’ Grammy categories that blew up into a full-fledged Twitter beef that saw Nicki calling Latto a “Karen” and Latto calling out Nicki for being a “bully.”

And who could forget how Nicki’s relationship with new-girl-on-the-block Cardi B deteriorated in 2018 after they previously shared verses on Migos’ “Motorsport.” That disagreement eventually led to a physical altercation that year, followed by a cold war — complete with proxy combatants — that has persisted ever since, prodded along faithfully by the more toxic members of their respective fanbases.

Naturally, this has led to some skepticism of Nicki’s show of support for Ice Spice, with some fans predicting “she’ll drop a song in 3 months saying sum f*ck ass sh*t like ‘i don’t f*ck with no ICEd Tea, hate a cocky bitch who wanna be SPICEy, knowing damn well I’m Icy,’” as one put it. Others wrote things like, “This is like watching your girlfriend enter into a toxic relationship, and you don’t know how to stop or slow the trajectory,” and wondering, “How long we wanna give it until the discard?” The overwhelming sentiment appears to be that Nicki has become a bit of a “mean girl” like that film’s titular Queen Bee Regina George and that her affection is equally fickle. Hopefully, that won’t turn out to be the case but those pesky Barbz will probably end up giving her a hard time either way.