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Who Voices Ellie In ‘The Last Of Us’ Game?

While it’s not that strange for actors to lend their voices to video games, it’s less common for a video game voice actor to reprise their role for an on-screen adaptation.

In 2013, Ashley Johnson voiced Ellie in The Last Of Us, which went on to become a cultural phenomenon. Of course, when the time came to adapt the hit game into a series a decade later, Johnson was not in the running for playing teenage Ellie on the HBO series, as she was well into her thirties. But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t be involved at all!

Johnson ended up guest starring in the season finale of The Last Of Us this week, portraying Ellie’s mom Anna in a flashback, who is forced to give birth while living in the terrifying Cordycepsinfected wasteland.

While there is talk of Ellie’s mother Anna in the game, this is the first time the fans are given some back story and context. Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter that she was shocked but delighted to be a part of the monumental series (after a quick cry):

I got a text from Neil and he said, “Hey, Craig and I were talking and would you like to play Ellie’s mother?” And I just burst into tears. Of course I would love to. It’s a shock because when video game adaptations move to film or TV generally, the voice actors or motion capture actors aren’t usually brought along to be part of that project. So I was just shocked, it’s not the norm. Being able to still be a part of this story and this world and to also be the first character that fights for this character to live means the world.

While Johnson admitted that it was “strange” to see her familiar characters played by new actors, she applauded Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey’s performances. “I feel like with Bella and Pedro [Pascal], I feel like they’ve elevated the characters. They’ve brought their own imprint and I’m so glad that they’ve had the space to make it their own and play the characters how they see them. I’m so blown away by Bella, I think she’s absolutely incredible. I think this would have been hard if it was someone that was not great.”

Johnson wasn’t the only original voice actor to join the show– Joel’s original voice actor Tory Baker also stopped by for a cameo this season, though his cameo involved some good old-fashion cannibalism.

We certainly have not seen the last of The Last Of Us, which was renewed for another season earlier this year, so Johnson could very well come back for another flashback or side plot. Maybe one where she isn’t in constant danger would be nice!

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)