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‘The Boys’ Honored One Of The Show’s Fallen Heroes During The ‘In Memoriam’ Oscars Segment

(Spoilers from The Boys will be found below.)

Amazon’s The Boys has put several iconic scenes to the screen thus far, but one would be hard pressed to find a more “hell yeah” moment than when Queen Maeve made this face ^^^^ while doing battle against Homelander. That physical clash had been a long time coming and probably sourced back way before Maeve had to witness him sending a plane full of civilians to their deaths. And Maeve was thrilled to finally push back at the baddest Supe of all, which also led to a wonderful outcome (aside from losing an eye) for her.

Well, in the eyes of the public, Maeve died after saving everyone from an exploding Soldier Boy, but this did allow her to finally retire from the Supe life that she hated so much. Even the greater Vought International entity didn’t know that she was still alive because Ashley (in a rare display of humanity) erased the footage that would prove that Maeve survived. So, Maeve got to head into private life with her partner. Fast forward to this years’s Oscars, and an unaware Vought International decided to pay tribute to the Dawn of the Seven and Her Majesty star on Twitter.

In response, The Boys‘ Twitter account honored Maeve by taking the p*ss, like the account is so great at doing on most occasions: “Loved when she said ‘It’s Maeven Time!’ and Maeved all over those guys.”

Maeve probably would have loved to see this, but hopefully, she wasn’t watching the Supie Awards.

The Boys‘ Season 3 finale is currently streaming on Amazon, and hopefully, we’ll see a Season 4 release date soon.