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J. Cole And J-Hope Showed Each Other Love In A New ‘On The Street’ Behind-The-Scenes Video

In the midst of executive producing the soundtrack for Creed III and planning Dreamville Fest 2023, J. Cole is still finding time to put his pen to pad to drop new music. His latest featured verse on international music star J-Hope’s new single “On The Street” is the ultimate hip hop/K-pop crossover. However, as J-Hope revealed in the behind-the-scenes video, this collaboration was nearly a decade in the making.

During the video, J-Hope revealed, “When I started listening to music, the first artist I listened to was J. Cole. Being able to work with J. Cole after 10 years as a fan, I’m so happy. It’s just all new, and I still can’t believe it.”

J. Cole didn’t let any potential language barrier stop him from sharing his admiration for J-Hope. Working with a translator, the rapper said, “It’s a blessing to be here with y’all.” The pair initially met back at Lollapalooza 2022 and have kept an eye on each other’s work.

Inside the comment section for the official music video, fans are raving about the collaboration. In fact, the most liked comment reads, “Wow, unexpected. J Cole is my icon. I wouldn’t have thought of seeing him collaborating with a BTS member, but that is great glad it happened.”

Watch the behind-the-scenes video for “On The Street” above.