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Manchester Orchestra Puts A Somber-But-Strong Spin On Cher’s Classic Hit, ‘Believe,’ In A New Cover

Manchester Orchestra recently appeared on Sirius XM in support of their recent album, The Valley Of Vision. While there, lead singer Andy Hull covered Cher’s classic 1998 hit, “Believe,” putting the band’s spin on the pop song.

This one took on a more somber tone, opening with a gentle piano and Hull’s calming voice echoing through the room. Basically put, the sound on this recording is top-notch. “Do you believe in life after love?” he asks, taking after Cher’s memorable lyric.

The video was also released in black-and-white, adding to the emotion put into this version.

“There’s a sense of calmness… The whole thing feels like it’s floating,” Hull recently told Alt Press about the band’s new album, which also doubles as a virtual reality film project. “It’s a moment of reflection and gratitude. I hope it’s something people can have that feeling from and help them, as well. It also feels like a bridge into this world that we’re still inhabiting and writing songs in.”

“It’s really a record after a pretty traumatic couple of years for us, personally,” he added. “The songs couldn’t have been written two years ago without going through that. I never really want to share exactly what it is because I don’t want anybody to limit what they’re thinking the story is.”

Check out Manchester Orchestra’s cover of Cher’s “Believe” above.

Cher is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.