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Trump Could Still Serve Out His Second Term As President While In The Slammer, Claims Alan Dershowitz

This coming week, the unthinkable might happen: Donald Trump may finally face the consequences of his actions. The Manhattan district attorney’s case against the former president has been ratcheting up, and it’s believed — though not confirmed — that an indictment is imminent. Trump himself thinks it will go down Tuesday, and he’s already whipping up his violent supporters. What if Trump really is indicted? What if he even goes to jail? What if he gets busted for one of his other scandals? Sean Hannity has claimed the big guy could still run for president from the slammer. But another pal is going one further.

As per Raw Story, serial Trump defender Alan Dershowitz went on Newsmax, and he didn’t have good news. “He will be indicted,” he said. “In New York, you can indict a ham sandwich. In New York City, you can convict a ham sandwich because the jury pool is so unfair.”

But not all was bleak. “Even if he’s convicted, he can run for president,” Dershowitz said. “He can run for president from prison. He can even serve as president from prison.”

If all goes south for Trump and if Dershowitz is right about his latter point, then Trump will not only be the first president to be jailed but also the first president to do his elected duties from the clink. Congrats?

You can watch video of Dershowitz’s Newsmax appearance at Raw Story.