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Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s Office Got Annoyed With A GOP Congressional Staffer’s Repeated Calls: ‘Stop Calling Us With This Bullsh*t’

Donald Trump has a habit of turning relatively obscure public officials into household names. You’d probably never have heard of Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s secretary of state, had he not refused to help him overturn the 2020 election. And you probably wouldn’t know Alvin Bragg if he wasn’t currently maybe about to indict the former president over a hush money case. Bragg and his team do not appreciate Trump’s meddling in the case, including falsely predicting when he’d get arrested (then pilfering from his own supporters). And his staff doesn’t like GOP congressional staffers clogging up their phone lines.

As per The New York Post, a staffer on the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee got an earful after repeatedly calling Bragg’s office. It’s unclear what they sought, but by the second time they rang the office up, an annoyed staffer finally let them have it.

“Your committee has no jurisdiction over us. You’re wrong,” they reportedly told the congressional employee, adding, bluntly, “Stop calling us with this bullsh*t.”

The House Judiciary Committee, under new leader and MAGA bozo Jim Jordan, has been trying to derail Bragg’s case. Bragg and team aren’t having it, with their general counsel, Leslie Dubeck, calling their investigation “an unprecedented inquiry into a pending local prosecution.”

That said, it’s not like they’re against cooperating with the committee at some point. Dubeck said that they “request an opportunity to meet and confer with committee staff to better understand what information the DA’s Office can provide that relates to a legitimate legislative interest and can be shared consistent with the District Attorney’s constitutional obligations.”

In the meantime, Trump keeps spouting veiled violent threats against those who may put him behind bars.

(Via NY Post)