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Lil Dicky Seemingly Addressed The Backlash From His 2018 Chris Brown Collaboration: ‘I Know That My Heart Is Good’

Lil Dicky is an acquired taste, and the entertainer is absolutely ok with that. The Dave star has no problem leaning into his quirkiness, even if that means awkwardly sharing too much information with other celebrities, including Usher and Larry David. The comedian has no regrets about being his naturally offbeat self. Another thing the musician doesn’t regret his past collaboration with singer Chris Brown.

During his recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lil Dicky joined the likes of Chlöe when recounting his 2018 song “Freaky Friday.”

“I love that song. I still love that song. It went to No. 1 in multiple nations, and without that song, I don’t know that I could have made [a charity single] like ‘Earth,’ where I raised, like, $3 million [to fight against climate change],” said Dicky.

Dicky seemingly acknowledges what his former collaborator has been accused of by adding, “I know that my heart is good. I really do. I don’t lose sleep at night about my heart. And you can never be perfect, and sometimes I’ll still be dumb and unaware, but I really do care so much about doing the right thing.”

The entertainer closed with, “And listen, I get why someone wouldn’t like a Lil Dicky song, but I’d never be ok with someone being like, ‘That guy’s an asshole,’ or ‘That guy’s a piece of sh*t.’ I’ve never had that experience as Dave Burd, the man, so for my art to cause that reaction, my God, it really hurts me.”

Chis Brown has not yet spoken on the matter.