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One Of The Top January 6th Organizers Has Apologized For Requesting Lewd Pics From Teenage Boys

A key organizer for Donald Trump‘s now infamous “Stop The Steal” rally that snowballed into the January 6 attacks has apologized after being accused of soliciting teenage boys for sexual photos. In a statement issued on Friday evening, Ali Alexander addressed the allegations, which he initially called “so gay” before admitting to flirting with boys whose age he failed to verify.

“I apologize for any inappropriate messages sent over the years,” Alexander wrote. “When I’ve flirted or others have flirted with me, I’ve flexed my credentials or dropped corny pick up lines. Other times, I’ve been careless and should’ve qualified those coming up to me’s (sic) identities during flirtatious banter at the start.”

At one point, Alexander was such a rising star in the MAGA world that Trump personally requested that he speak during the “Stop The Steal” rally. However, that request was squashed by Trump’s aides. According to The Daily Beast, Alexander’s proclivities have been rumored for years and his proximity to Milo Yiannopoulos didn’t help:

Rumors about Alexander’s alleged sexual behavior towards younger men have circulated in conservative online circles since at least 2015. But they reached a new level late last month after Milo Yiannopoulos —the controversial British provocateur and one-time Alexander ally—turned on Alexander after Alexander and Fuentes pushed him out of a potentially lucrative position in West’s nascent presidential campaign.

Alexander did not respond to requests for comment from The Daily Beast, but he did claim in his statement that some of the screenshots of his alleged messages were “edited” and that some accusations were “false.” He did not elaborate on which.

(Via The Daily Beast)