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It Took Many Attempts To Perfect The ‘Succession’ Line That’s Dividing Fans

It’s the debate that’s dividing Succession fans: is Frank or Karl the best character? Oh wait. Not that debate (the correct answer is: Kerry). No, it’s Underlined vs. Crossed Out. In Sunday’s episode, “Honeymoon States,” it’s discovered that Logan kept a will in his private safe where he named Kendall his successor — unless he changed his mind.

That little line required 10 attempts from prop master Monica Jacobs with “subtle, subtle differences” to perfect, according to director Lorene Scafaria in an interview with Vanity Fair. “For Kendall, whether it’s underlined or crossed out, it’s not just, are you CEO or not? It’s even more significant,” she said. “It’s, did dad love you, or did he disown you?”

At least Logan didn’t write his name with a question mark.

The director says that the script changed after Jeremy Strong suggested that his character take a photo of the crucial line on his cell phone, given how it defines his relationship with his father. Armstrong added a scene where Kendall goes into a bathroom towards the end of the episode, pulls out his phone, and studies the line.

This is more physiologically cruel than someone being left on read on their phone.

(Via Vanity Fair)