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A Group Meant To Help Cash-Strapped House Republicans Seeking Election Has Turned Its Back On George Santos

George Santos may have been caught repeatedly and creatively lying during his House election campaign, but will that stop him from running for a second term? Of course not. Only problem is the serial fabulist’s campaign is already in the red. Luckily there’s a House group set up to help cash-strapped members with this very problem. Unluckily they’re turning their back on the erstwhile Kitara Ravache.

As per Politico, Protect the House, a fundraising committee that helps vulnerable candidates keep their seats, and according to paperwork filed Monday they were ready to dump cash on a number of New York representatives. Santos’ name was not on the list.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, a member of the committee, was asked whether he would support Santos’ re-election campaign. He responded with a laugh, then added that he would “wait and see.”

McCarthy has never formally denounced Santos, but others on the committee have. Santos has tried to spin his infamy, claiming he was an outsider and not an untrustworthy sort who lies about his mom dying in the World Trade Center attacks.

Last week, first quarter fundraising data for Santos’ campaign was released and it was not pretty. In the first three months of 2023, he raised a mere $5,333.26. Worse, he had to refund over $8,000 in donations, meaning his campaign has a net loss of about $3,000. Best of luck with that and with that Nicki Minaj bill.
(Via Politico)