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Vanna White Was Not Amused By The Dark Prank That ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Co-Host Pat Sajak Plays On His Wife Every Year

Pat Sajak has been busy hosting Wheel of Fortune since the 1980s. But the next time he finds a free moment (like in the hundreds of days he has off every year), he might want to read “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Maybe then he’d stop pretending to have a heart attack on his wife’s birthday every year.

“I do this… this thing I do every one of Lesly’s birthdays and she absolutely hates it,” Sajak told Vanna White at the end of a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune. “We put a cake in front of her, she closes her eyes, she makes a wish, and when she blows out the candle, I clutch my heart and fall to the ground. She never finds that amusing, I don’t understand.”

White was also unamused. As she should be, because good god that’s dark.

Turning to White, who could be seen grimacing toward the audience, Sajak then asked, “Don’t you find that funny?”

“No,” stated a steely-eyed White, 66.

Sajak concluded the broadcast with a limp “OK” just before the credits rolled.

For his next prank, Sajak will find a grandma in the Wheel of Fortune studio audience, trip her down the stairs, and take her lunch money. Another classic bit!

(Via the New York Post)