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Did Miley Cyrus Release An Album Under The Name ‘Clara Pierce?’

According to one dedicated fan on TikTok, Miley Cyrus is back to her Hannah Montana-secret musical identity ways. Apparently, the “Flowers” singer secretly released an album under the name Clara Pierce. Despite her latest project, Endless Summer Vacation, just recently celebrating its one-month anniversary, fans online are running with the theory that Cyrus left a trail of musical breadcrumbs for them to discover her mystery project titled, Down With Me.

On the now deleted project, user Ashley Kritz pointed out that several songs featured on it, including “Saggitarius” and “See You Again,” make a subtle reference to Cyrus’ personal life. However, in the comment section of the video, others have a different take.

“Someone made an account with a random name and photo that had access to her unreleased demos and illegally uploaded them,” wrote one, alleging that the music previously shared to digital streaming platforms may have been unauthorized releases.


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♬ Hands of Time – Clara Pierce

If Clara Pierce is indeed Cyrus, this could set her up to accomplish yet another accolade. Currently, the musician is the first woman musician to appear on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart under three different pseudonyms. Those stage names are Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana (after her Disney channel persona), and Ashley O (the character she played on Netflix’s Black Mirror).

As Miley Cyrus, she’s earned two No. 1 in 2013’s “Wrecking Ball” and her recent song “Flowers.” However, neither Hannah Montana or Ashley O has obtained a No. 1 record. In 2009, Montana came close with “He Could Be The One,” which peaked at No. 10. Meanwhile, Ashley O’s 2019 song “On A Roll” came in at No. 23 on Billboard Hot 100’s Bubbling Under chart. Overall, Cryus has 11 songs that have landed in the top 10 and 68 total songs that have found a home on the music charts.

If Clara Pierce does land on the charts and it is confirmed to be Miley Cyrus, that would secure her a spot in the history books as the first woman musician to ever chart under four names.