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Michael Shannon Wouldn’t Agree To Star In ‘The Flash’ Until He Had Zack Snyder’s Blessing

When Warner Bros. finally revealed the first look at The Flash during a massive Super Bowl trailer, fans were very surprised to see Michael Shannon reprising his role as General Zod. From the looks of the trailer, the film will use its time-travel/multiverse shenanigans to revisit Zod’s invasion of Earth that took place during 2013’s Man of Steel, which was a little known plot detail. In fact, Michael Shannon didn’t know what was happening at first either.

According to a new interview with the actor, Shannon was hesitant to reprise the role of Zod for two reasons: One, he could’ve sworn Henry Cavill’s Superman snapped his neck at the end of Man of Steel; and two, he was not thrilled with how Warner Bros. treated Zack Snyder during the Justice League debacle.

Via Variety:

“I talked to [‘The Flash’ director] Andy Muschietti about it, and I liked Andy, and I said, ‘Andy, look — I just want to get Zack’s blessing on this because it just doesn’t feel right without that,’” Shannon continued. “And Zack, to his credit, was very understanding. He gave me his blessing, and I went to do it.”

Shannon then compared his performance in The Flash to Man of Steel, and well, let’s just say some of the actor’s trademark bluntness came out.

“The story is a lot more all over the place, you know?” Shannon said. “And I feel like I mainly exist in ‘The Flash’ as, like, an obstacle or a problem. Whereas, in ‘Man of Steel,’ it was more of a story. Like, ‘The Flash’ is definitely about The Flash – as it should be. So, it’s not as in-depth.”

(Via Variety)