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When Will ‘Evil Dead Rise’ Be On Streaming?

The Evil Dead universe was rebooted (once again) with the new film Evil Dead Rise by director Lee Cronin. Even though Bruce Campbell doesn’t appear in a major role, and even though Sam Raimi didn’t return to direct, you might still be interested in cracking open that haunted book for another fun round of some good, old-fashioned demonic possession.

Evil Dead Rise hit theaters last week and while it might not be the most well-received installment in the universe, if you’re looking for a good spooking, you’ll probably want to tune in. The latest installment follows a single mother, her three children, and their aunt who struggle to keep it together when an earthquake reveals that demonic book, The Necronomicon, which we all know and hate.

The movie was actually originally slated to premiere directly on HBO Max (soon to be just Max, since that’s a thing that’s happening), but test screenings were so good they decided to send those Deadites to the theaters. So if you’re looking to it now, you’ll have to head over to your local theater.

The good news is that past HBO films have landed on HBO Max roughly 45 days after its theatrical run. This means Evil Dead Rise will likely come to the streamer sometime in June of this year.

This all depends on how well the movie does in theaters, however, which might delay its online release. Until then, you might want to watch the original movies, which are available to rent on demand, to satisfy all of your spooky scary needs.