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Conan Gray Might Be Teasing A New Song With Mysterious Posters

Conan Gray looked confident as ever in Balmain at the 2023 Met Gala last Monday, May 1. The singer-songwriter was spotted smiling with Olivia Rodrigo and posing next to Lil Nas X. Maybe Rodrigo was smiling because Gray clued her in on a new song.

On Saturday, May 6, people began tweeting photos of mysterious Gray-related poster, which read “HELP WANTED: CONAN NEEDS YOUR HELP WORKING THE NIGHT SHIFT.” At the bottom, a website to apply is listed.

Republic Records also posted a photo of the poster in Los Angeles, California to its Instagram Story.

According to fans’ tweets, the website asks people to text 323-576-0686, and there’s a muffled audio recording of (presumably) Gray saying, “You’re shopping at Food Heaven, where the deals go on and on and on and on and on and on — and on” ahead of a brief poppy beat.

One fan connected the audio teaser to Gray’s Instagram caption from April 20, and the same person relayed that posters have been spotted in LA and Texas.

Gray was Uproxx‘s August 2022 cover star following the June release of his second studio album, Superache, and forecasted what his next album might tackle.

“Maybe on my third album, I’ll have something about falling in love,” he said. “That would be great, wouldn’t it?”

He added, “I want someone to come into my life and just destroy my heart — stomp on it, make it disappear.”