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Mikal Bridges Popped Up At The Most Popular Bodega On TikTok

Mikal Bridges had to move to Brooklyn a little earlier this year. Bridges was part of the monster package of picks and players that the Nets received upon sending Kevin Durant to the Phoenix Suns, which they did just before the trade deadline. While Brooklyn struggled a bit after the deadline, Bridges was a revelation, playing some of the best basketball of his career in 27 games as the centerpiece for the Nets.

Unfortunately, Bridges is sitting at home watching the postseason after Brooklyn was eliminated in four games in the opening round by the Philadelphia 76ers. This did, however, free him up to do stuff around New York, like go to the most famous bodega on TikTok and get a sandwich made by Rahim Mohamed, known by many as General Ock.

Bridges decided to go with a chopped cheese the Ocky way, then went back behind the grill to lend a hand. All told, the sandwich had a burger, peppers, bacon, cheese, Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos, and some spinach. It looked extremely good, and also, we can only assume that there are nutritionists with the Nets who hated watching this entire thing. They can, however, take solace in knowing that Bridges for a bottle of water with nutrients in it, because one of the most important things about going to this bodega is you can’t forget the bev. Neva, neva, neva.