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Lola Brooke, Kali, And BreezyLyn Are The Epitome Of Modern-Day ‘Bad B*tches’ On The Song’s Overtly Cocky Remix

Brooklyn’s latest rising star, BreezyLyn, set out to recruit the hottest rappers and scored big with Lola Brooke and Kali. The Marcy Houses representative’s FckBwoy!-produced single “Bad B*tches” began to grab the attention last year due to its catchy chorus. Now, with fellow Brooklyn native (Lola Brooke) and Georgia native (Kali) joining in on the song’s remix, this is gearing up for BreezyLyn’s breakout moment.

In the track’s official video, directed by Jerry Morka, the musicians encourage all ladies present to embody the epitome of a modern-day “baddie.” One line, in particular, emphasizes this point, “Bad b*tches, mad riches / Bad b*tches, can’t sit with the — / Bad b*tches, mad riches.” The stanza repeated throughout the song’s chorus serves as a mantra.

The track’s featured artists are required to allow their self-confidence to ooze out of them without shame. This declaration is almost mandatory for the listening audience as well.

When asked about the collaboration, BreezyLyn told Complex, “I’m very excited to share this moment with my girls Lola and Kali. They’ve been so supportive of this song, so it was only right they bless the remix. The vibe on set was amazing because we genuinely rock with each other and respect our crafts. We did this for all women who want to feel empowered and confident in their own skin.”

Watch the full video above.