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Margot Robbie Is ‘Really Flattered’ By The Internet’s Fascination With Her Feet

Congratulations to Margot Robbie. She’s the star of one of the biggest movies of 2023 (and the most underrated movie of 2022), and 6,731 people think she has “beautiful” feet. Equally important achievements.

The Barbie star spoke to Cinema Blend about the internet’s fascination with her feet, which she showed off in the Greta Gerwig-directed film’s trailer and in a memorable scene in Once Upon a Time in Hollywoodx.

“The very first time I Googled myself,” she said (there’s your first mistake), “you know how when you type something into Google and it predicts what the rest of it is going to be? I’d started working and I was on some things and I hadn’t Googled myself before, and so I wrote in ‘Margot Robbie’ and before I finished writing ‘Robbie,’ ‘Margot Robbie feet’ came up.”

Specifically, her Wikifeet, where 97 people think Robbie has “ugly” feet. Are there feet trolls? There must be (and I don’t mean Danny DeVito).

Robbie continued, “I clicked on it and realized that there were pictures zoomed in on my feet and people were writing about them and someone had made a video compilation of footage of my feet and I was like, ‘oh wow, this is like a thing. I didn’t realize.” Instead of feeling icked out, the actress said that she’s “really flattered that people are excited about my feet. I think that’s lovely. I am, genuinely. I don’t feel weird about it. I am actually like, that’s nice.” Robbie really wants to be cast in Quentin Tarantino’s final movie, huh?

(Via CinemaBlend)