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Dolly Parton Tackles Queen With An Ambitious Medley Of ‘We Are The Champions’ And ‘We Will Rock You’

I would never retire!” country-pop icon Dolly Parton said the other week. “I would hopefully drop dead in the middle of a song on stage someday — and hopefully one I’ve written.” She’s proving her dedication once more with the release of her new single, “We Are The Champions/We Will Rock You,” an ambitious Queen medley from her highly anticipated forthcoming album Rockstar.

Following the politically-pissed-off song “World On Fire,” “We Are The Champions/We Will Rock You” is more victorious and lighthearted, bursting with confidence and exuberance. Her voice is as strong as ever and she sings the legendary lines with force.

About “World On Fire,” she clarified that it was about all politicians. “I don’t think any of ’em are trying hard enough,” she said. “I’m sure they’re all trying, but I just really think that, often, they worry more about their party than they do about the people. If we just do what we felt was the right thing, rather than who’s gonna lose, who’s gonna win this, who’s gonna look better if they do this, rather than working from the heart.”

Listen to “We Are The Champions/We Will Rock You” above.

Rockstar is out 11/17 via Butterfly Records. Find more information here.