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Latto & Coi Leray’s Supposedly Squashed Feud Has Gotten Even Messier Now That Their Parents Are Involved

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s personal motto is: When they go low, we go high. That might work for her, but in the world of hip-hop, where feuding proves to be lucrative, turning the other cheek will never fly. Rappers Latto and Coi Leray’s bubbling beef is just one example of this.

What was thought to be a squashed feud has gotten even messier thanks to a new development: They got their parents involved. They each mentioned the other’s bodies in their respective songs, “Put It On Da Floor” (Latto) and “Isabel Marant” (Coi Leroy), which led fans to believe their beef was at an end. However, Latto’s recent verse on Young Nudy’s “Peaches & Eggplant (Remix)” has kicked things into overdrive.

“He wanna know if it’s real or it’s fake / I got a peach on the back like a plate / I got him eatin’ my booty on tape / I might expose him like 1090 Jake / He don’t eat pussy, he gots to go / Give me that neck like Benzino / Give me that neck like, ‘Where it go?’/One thumb in my bootyhole,” rapped Latto.

Well, Coi didn’t take kindly to Latto’s joke about her father Benzino’s neck. Shortly after, she took to her X (formerly Twitter) page to request the help of her followers. “Someone find me a pic of Karen,” wrote Coi, seemingly referring to Latto’s Caucasian mother.

On Saturday, September 8, Coi shared her father’s response to the lyrical jab. In a text message exchange with Coi, Benizo wrote, “She admires you. They all do. Just stay focused,” adding, “I got the most famous neck on Earth.”