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Lil Yachty Reacted To People Trying To ‘Bully’ Him After He Shared Photos Of His New, Very Different Haircut

Lil Yachty recently shared some new selfies on social media to show off his new hairstyle, after cutting off his braids. He poses around backstage and sits on a couch.

“She like my haircut, it turn her on!!!” He captioned the series of pics, seemingly pretty excited about them.

“I chopped da top, f*kk it,” Lil Yachty also wrote in the Instagram post.

However, he couldn’t have anticipated the reactions. Some people were pointing out that he looked better, while others had jokes and harsher comments.

“What’s under the hat boat,” one user asked. Lil Yachty took it well, responding with a hiding laughter emoji.

Others had trouble even recognizing him. “WAIT I JUST REALIZED THIS IS F*CKING LIL BOAT???” another person quoted.

About twenty minutes later, the rapper tweeted that some of the comments were upsetting him. “I did not stop drinkin lean for n****s to bully me and tell me I look like I have leukemia,” he posted.

Despite people trying to bully him, Lil Yachty did start posting a few of the memes to his Instagram story. One is a photo of a barbershop haircut menu with images of the male models, as someone notes that he got the “No. 15” and went bald.

Check out Lil Yachty’s new photos above.