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The Fulton County Sheriff May Go After Trump For A Percentage Of The Profits Made Off Of His Mugshot Merch

For a self-proclaimed “successful businessman,” Donald Trump has a pesky habit of ignoring the fine print and, when it comes to his recent mugshot, that oversight might end up costing him.

In an interview with MSNBC, Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat explained his decision to have the former president booked and photographed at his jail. Though Labat insisted he doesn’t regret the choice to have Trump sit for his mugshot, he did admit to lamenting over the decision for a couple of days. Ultimately, Labat felt he owed it to the community to treat Trump the way he would any other perp. Unfortunately, since having his mugshot taken, Trump and his supporters have found ways to profit off the photo, using it on shirts and other merch to raise money for his next campaign cycle. And this is why Labat is ready to get his department’s legal team involved.

“In retrospect, I want to make sure that all of our legal teams go back and take a look at the publication and the use of the mugshot as an opportunity to make money,” Labat said. “And if so, how much does the county get from it?”

When questioned whether he was referring to the Trump campaign’s usage of the photo, Labat responded, “Correct,” and when asked whether he felt that his county could be entitled to some of the profits, Labat said, “I absolutely do.” So, it sounds like the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department might be launching an inquiry into how Trump is using his mugshot and if it violates any copyright laws.

Getting sued for using your mugshot to make money would be another classic Trump self-own.