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Richard Linklater Saw ‘Barbie’ ‘A Couple Times’ Because He Just Loves Those Musical Numbers

A lot of Richard Linklater’s movies are worth seeing multiple times. Boyhood was shot over 15 years, so you literally get to see the cast grow up with the film, while A Scanner Darkly required multiple viewings in order to really understand what the heck is happening to Keanu Reeves. So it makes sense that Linklater is a fan of re-watching movies, though you might not expect him to head to the theaters multiple times for the intricate musical numbers, but the man is a complex person.

The director admitted to NME that he thinks Barbie is one of those movies you have to rewatch. In fact, he thinks it’s probably the best thing to ever happen to the industry.

“I liked the musical numbers,” the director admitted. “I liked the movie a lot. It’s worth seeing a couple times. The best thing that happened to cinema in a while is Oppenheimer and Barbie. Sends a good message. I’m glad those are doing well.” Doing well is an understatement.

It makes sense that Linklater is fixated on musical numbers. The director is currently working on a 20-year-long adaptation of Merrily We Roll Along which is slated to hit theaters sometime in 2040. It’s nice to know that Paul Mescal will still be just as relevant a few decades from now.

(Via IndieWire)