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It Sure Sounds Like A ‘The View’ Co-Host Shaded Meghan McCain While Piling Onto Nepo Babies

The Nepo Baby controversy is actually a tale as old as time, but the subject has taken on new life of late, and Oscar winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow (whose parents are director Bruce Paltrow and actress Blythe Danner) recently went on record to say that this is an overblown concept. In Gwyneth’s mind, parents of all careers are likely to (intentionally or not) influence their children to follow in their footsteps by talking shop at the dinner table or something. There’s a wider discussion at work on what it means to be self-made, but that’s also a topic for another day.

In the meantime, The View ladies caught wind of Gwyneth’s goopy declarations. Ana Navarro had plenty to say in response, although she believes that Gwyneth belongs to the camp (like Liza Minnelli) of “people who may have started off as a nepo baby, who may have started off with doors opening because of who their father or their mother was… But who’ve worked, who’ve earned it, who’ve shown talent, who had merit.” Then came Navarro with the opposite side of the coin, which may or not be a reference to a certain former The View co-host, via Decider:

“The people who give nepo babies a bad name are the people who start every sentence with, ‘My father,’ or, ‘My mother… [They] are talentless dolts, and instead of being humble and grateful for the opportunities they are given because they won the ovarian lottery, [they] are toxic brats, entitled and privileged, who make everybody’s life hell because they know they can’t be fired because of who they are.”

Of course, the nature of shade is that the true subject’s name is never mentioned, but there’s no secret of the animosity between Meghan McCain and some of her former colleagues. That, and she did tend to mention John McCain a lot (“my father”) while on this very talk show and even wrote a book called, “My Dad, John McCain.” Meghan also missed the point during an actual The View conversation about nepotism. Awkward.

(Via Decider)