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When Will Spotify Wrapped Come Out For 2023?

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Spotify has started teasing that their annual Spotify Wrapped reveal is right around the corner for users to see. Just yesterday, the company took to social media to ask listeners who they think their top artist will be. “Tis the season for trying to predict our Wrapped results,” Spotify captioned the tweet.

Because of this, listeners could have questions about when the popular feature will be available. Here’s what to know.

When Will Spotify Wrapped Be Released For 2023?

Right now, it’s unclear exactly when Spotify will release the Wrapped feature for 2023. While they have hinted at it, it should be right around the corner, as the company timed it to the holiday season in past years. For specifics, last year (2022) Spotify Wrapped dropped on November 30. In 2021, it was released on December 1.

When Will Spotify Wrapped Stop Tracking For 2023?

While Spotify Wrapped has been an annual thing, it has typically followed the same tracking schedule. It keeps a count of each user’s listening history from January 1 through October 31. However, that seems to have changed for 2023. Spotify assured users that it would continue tracking beyond Halloween but didn’t give an exact stop date on when the cut-off is.

How Will I Be Able To See Spotify Wrapped?

Users will be able to see their Spotify Wrapped through using the app on either their phone or computer. If that doesn’t work, users can try the URL

How Long Is Spotify Wrapped Available?

It’s hard to say. The feature isn’t permanently accessible, but some Spotify message boards have claimed that users can still see it until January.