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When Will ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Finale Be On Hulu?

Golden Bachelor

It’s the beginning of December, and you’ve settled down after a long week of being cold, and all you want to do is watch an elderly man propose to a woman he met just a month ago, is that too much to ask? For Hulu, it might be.

The season finale of the acclaimed and unparalleled dating series The Golden Bachelor aired Thursday night on ABC, but if you have the bedtime of a 72-year-old perhaps you missed the final reveal.

For most Bachelor shows, the episode lands on Hulu “the next day” (normally around 3 am ET, but they like to be ambiguous about it). As if right now, though, the finale of The Golden Bachelor is not on the streamer, which is why you might hear several old ladies in your neighborhood yelling in frustration at their remotes, or millennial women threatening to murder over it. But it’s not their fault!

The finale of The Golden Bachelor is expected to find its way onto Hulu today, Friday, Dec. 1st, but there has been no comment from the streamer as to why it’s been delayed. Perhaps they are trying to stretch out the drama? There is enough off-screen drama to hold you over until the episodes finally lands, whenever that will be.

(Via Decider)