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Who Does Ice-T Play On ‘Rick And Morty?’

Okay, sorry for the fake out. Although the video above and the image for this post both depict a Rick And Morty character named Water-T, this character is not actually played by 22-year Law & Order veteran Ice-T, on whom it is based. The character appeared in the season two episode “Get Schwifty,” where it was revealed that Ice-T is actually an alien recruited by the titular adventurers to help save the Earth from the talent-obsessed Cromulons. At the end of the episode, he returns to his home planet, where his original form is restored — hence, “Water-T.”

However, contrary to popular belief, the character was not voiced by the “6 In The Mornin’” rapper; instead the series’ co-creator Dan Harmon did a vocal impression. But, thanks to an upcoming episode, Ice-T will finally voice a character on the show, albeit a different one from the same alphabet-based planet. This Sunday’s episode (December 3), titled “Rise Of The Numericons: The Movie,” returns to Alphabetrium, with Ice-T voicing Magma-Q. This brings the rapper’s relationship with the show full circle after he initially voiced his approval for his “guest role” on Twitter in 2015.

This isn’t the first time the show has secured a guest role for one of Dan Harmon’s favorite rappers. In 2017, Logic appeared in an episode as himself, while the next year, the show’s stars appeared in the video for Run The Jewels’ song “Oh Mama.” Noise-rap group Clipping. appeared on a soundtrack for Rick And Morty, contributing the song “Stab Him In The Throat.”