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LeBron Joked The Conversation That Led To Ime Udoka’s Ejection Was About Thanksgiving

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Spectrum Sportsnet

The Lakers cruised to a 107-97 win over the Rockets on Saturday night in Los Angeles, but the focal point after the game was on an unusual exchange between LeBron James and Rockets head coach Ime Udoka on the sidelines that led to both getting technicals, with Udoka getting tossed.

The best part of the whole thing is the facial reactions of the fans behind Udoka on the sideline who heard the conversation, as clearly something was said between the two that went beyond a normal conversation. The referee standing between them even gave them a little “are you guys sure you want to keep going?” look, and the answer was they did and the result was a T for LeBron and an ejection for Udoka.

After the game, LeBron was asked about what was said in that conversation and, unsurprisingly, James was not willing to divulge whatever was actually said, instead choosing to say he and Udoka were simply talking about how much they enjoyed Thanksgiving.

I would never expect LeBron to go into detail about what was actually said there, but it’s also the question that must be asked. It would be funny if they were just in a heated debate over Thanksgiving sides or pies that crossed the line.