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Chance The Rapper And Kirsten Corley Are Getting A Divorce

chance the rapper kirsten corley
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For at least the last six years, the biggest knock against Chance The Rapper by his detractors was that he was too big of a “wife guy” — especially on his (unfairly maligned) album, The Big Day. It looks like whenever he releases his next album, Star Line Gallery, they won’t have that to use as a bludgeon; Chance and his wife Kirsten Corley announced today that they are getting a divorce after a trial separation.

In a joint statement posted on their Instagram Stories, Chance and Kirsten wrote:

After a period of separation, the two of us have arrived at the decision to part ways.

We came to this decision amicably and with gratitude for the time we spent together. God has blessed us with two beautiful daughters who we will continue to raise together.

We kindly ask for privacy and respect as we navigate this transition.

Thank you

-Chance & Kirsten

As noted in the statement, the now-former couple shares two daughters, Kensli Bennett and Marli Grace Bennett. For what it’s worth, Chance will have plenty to keep him busy for the foreseeable future; in addition to his coaching duties on The Voice, he will presumably go on tour for Star Line Gallery, which has a tentative release date of this spring.

The haters have won; love is dead. I hope you dorks are happy now.