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Nikola Jokic Gave A Hysterical Quote About Victor Wembanyama’s 9-Block Game

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Nikola Jokic put up another monster performance on Tuesday night, with the Nuggets needing every bit of his 42 points, 12 rebounds, and six assists to beat the Spurs.

That’s largely because Victor Wembanyama posted an even more hysterical stat line, recording 23 points, 15 rebounds, eight assists, and nine blocks. A few of those came against Jokic, including a very fun sequence in the first half in which Wembanyama got the best of the two-time MVP on both ends before Jokic got him back a little bit with a dunk before Wemby could fly in for the block.

While Jokic had plenty of success against the Spurs, Wembanyama’s ridiculous length did bother him more than most can, with a late fourth quarter block as arguably the most impressive one of the night, as he took a big bump from Jokic, who thought he’d buried Wemby under the rim to free up a layup, only for the long arm of the Frenchman to erase it.

Denver would eventually pull ahead for a 110-105 win, but Wembanyama has certainly garnered Jokic’s respect. After the game he got asked about that early sequence and if he said anything to the rookie star, which led to a hysterical response from Jokic.

It’s a great soundbite from Jokic, and it really speaks to how there’s just nothing you can really do to avoid Wembanyama’s impact on the defensive end. The only way to ensure he doesn’t pile up the blocks is just not attempting shots around him, which was the strategy the Nuggets opted for late and were rewarded with the go-ahead three by Michael Porter Jr. after Christian Braun made a fairly incredible business decision with Wemby lurking.

That’s really the only foolproof strategy for going at the Spurs at this moment, otherwise you’re just going to have to live with some rejections at the rim and hope you get the win so you can laugh about it all after.