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PornHub Visitors Loved Searching For ‘The Simpsons’ And ‘Squid Game’ In 2021, Apparently

It’s tough to compare the popularity of shows on cable and network TV vs. shows on streaming services, but it’s probably safe to call Squid Game the biggest show of the year. It’s Netflix’s most-watched original series ever, the costumes were everywhere on Halloween, and it even turned other titles on the streamer into mega-hits. So it’s a little surprising that Squid Game finished out of the top 10 for the most searched shows and cartoons on PornHub. But it’s still up there!

PornHub shared its 2021 Year in Review on Tuesday, which includes fascinating insights into the browsing habits of the website’s millions of daily visitors. “Hentai” is the year’s most popular search term, for instance, while the United States leads the world by traffic, but the Philippines is number one for time spent per visit.

The data also reveals that The Simpsons is the most searched show, followed by four more cartoons in Teen Titans, Scooby Doo, Dragon Ball Z, and Family Guy. Squid Game ranked at #13 (tops among live-action shows), likely because it didn’t premiere until September. That gave Rick and Morty (#6) a big head start.

On the film side, Harley Quinn led the way for Most Searched Movies and Characters. The rest of the top five goes: Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Black Widow. Not to kink shame, but the people who got Joker up to 18th on the list should be locked up. Harsh, maybe, but fair.

You can find the full year in review here.

(Via PornHub)