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Jennifer Hough Reportedly Drops Her Harassment Suit Against Nicki Minaj

Six months after filing a harassment lawsuit against Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty, TMZ reports that Jennifer Hough has voluntarily dropped Nicki from her suit . While TMZ’s source close to the case says that no money changed hands, the report does say that Petty remains a defendant. Nicki’s attorney, who previously called the lawsuit an attempt to shake down the rapper in connection with her husband’s ongoing legal issues stemming from Hough’s initial encounter in 1994.

Hough filed the suit in August of 2021, saying that the couple tried to pay her off, then bully her into recanting her previous testimony, which led to Petty’s conviction for first-degree attempted rape. Petty served his sentence but was added to the sex offender registry in the state of New York; however, when the couple moved to the Los Angeles area shortly after getting married in 2019, Petty was arrested for failing to register in California in March of 2020. According to Hough’s lawsuit, the couple’s representatives offered her substantial sums to recant, then resorted to veiled threats against her. She says she was forced to change her number and move, but Nicki’s lawyers contend that she contacted Nicki sometime after this to taunt her that US Marshalls were looking into the case.

Now Nicki’s lawyers say they will pursue repayment of her legal fees in what they call a “frivolous action” whose only goal was to get Nicki to pay up.