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BIA Delivered A Scorching Performance Of Her New Song, ’16’ At Rolling Loud California

Hot off the release of her new single, “16,” BIA took to the Rolling Loud stage in California today (March 4) to perform it live for the first time.

Over a blazing beat, BIA recalls leaving home when she was younger, on a mission to pursue her dreams.

“Take me back to when I lost my job, I told ’em, ‘F*ck you’ / I came from a place where there’s nobody to look up to / We weren’t broke together, tell me how the f*ck I trust you? / I left mama house, b*tch, I ain’t have nowhere to run to,” she raps on the song’s chorus.

During her performance, she maintained an energy of perseverance throughout, remembering everything that she’s been through has led her here.

At the moment, BIA is hard at work on her upcoming album. In an interview with Variety last year, she noted how Epic Records has been instrumental in helping her manifest her dreams.

“They’re super hands-on with me, even down to my product managers and digital team,” she said. “You gotta really know an artist if you’re trying to market them. They know me and really allow me to be my best, most authentic self.”

You can see a clip of the performance of “16” above.