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Friends throw epic America-themed party to celebrate their friend gaining citizenship

A group of friends are going viral on TikTok for an epic America-themed party thrown for a friend who gained her citizenship. And honestly, in a time when we’re so divided, it’s refreshing to see something everyone finds hilarious and heartwarming.

The clip shows a house full of partygoers surrounded by red, white and blue decorations, not to mention Smirnoff Ice jello shots (classic) and a cake that reads, “Sharon in the US Slay.”

And slay they did.

Everyone came dressed up as a symbol of America, from Rosie the Riveter to Ronald McDonald, but the particular fan favorites were Mount Rushmore and a bald eagle.

Judging from the flood of comments on TikTok, the party was a total success.

“Every single thing about this video is a masterpiece,” wrote one person.

Those who didn’t comment on the party just applauded how the group was “friend goals.” And they have a point. There was clearly some wholesome fun being had.

Seriously, there didn’t seem to be one negative comment in the entire thread. It’s refreshing to unanimously agree on something.

Watch below for further proof that America is not only eclectic, it’s wonderfully distinct.

@mias_memories 2.25.23. Congrats on getting your citizenship @sharonlin118 #fyp #usa #costumeparty #merica #fypシ ♬ Boy’s a liar Pt. 2 – PinkPantheress & Ice Spice

Did they nail it? Or did they nail it? We all know what the answer is.