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‘SNL’ Weekend Update Torched Tucker Carlson For Pretending The Jan. 6 Riot Was ‘Peaceful’

Last week Tucker Carlson attempted to whitewash Jan. 6. Newish Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy thought it was the right thing to bequeath the incendiary Fox News host with over 40,000 hours of footage of the Capitol riot. Sure enough, he cherry-picked the most boring footage, claiming the insurrectionists who wanted to overturn democracy were mere “sightseers” — a claim even Republicans dragged. Still, it may have convinced his most gullible followers, but no one else was snookered, not the least the anchors of SNL Weekend Update.

Colin Jost was first. “Tucker Carlson, seen here laughing at a dog locked in a hot car, released security footage from the January 6th attacks with the violence edited out and said it proves it was a peaceful gathering,” he said over an image of Carlson laughing hysterically. “Which is like editing all the sex out of a porn video and saying ‘it’s a short film about being a stepmom.’”

Then came Michael Che., who took on the leaked texts that show Tucker secretly trashing Donald Trump. “New documents from the Dominion lawsuit revealed texts from Tucker Carlson in which he says he hates Donald Trump passionately and can’t wait until he’s able to ignore him,” he said. “That must suck to go on TV and put on a smile and make friends with some psychotic bigot just because it’s ‘good for the show!’ Anyway, back to you, Colin.”

You can watch the latest Weekend Update in the videos above and below.