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Eladio Carrión Tells Us About His Star-Studded Album ‘3MEN2 KBRN’ And Collaborating With Lil Wayne

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Eladio Carrión is ready to make Latin trap global with his new album 3MEN2 KBRN. After solidifying himself as one Latin music’s leading rappers, he proves that his knockout flow can hold up alongside the icons of American hip-hop. Carrión’s latest LP includes features from Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Migos’ Quavo, and Future.

Carrión has set himself apart from other Latin rappers thanks to his bicultural influences. He grew up living his life between the states and Puerto Rico. Throughout his career, Carrión has teamed up with Latin superstars like J Balvin, Rauw Alejandro, Arcángel, Bizarrap, and Karol G. He broke through in 2019 thanks to Latin Grammy-nominated hit “Kemba Walker” featuring Bad Bunny.

Like his Walker tribute, Carrión continues to salute sports superstars who inspire him like with the fierce “Mbappé” remix featuring Future. He also teams up once again with Bad Bunny in the swaggering “Coco Chanel.” 3MEN2 KBRN is Carrión unleashing his full force as a Latin trap star alongside his idols and close friends.

“As a kid, growing up, listening to these artists, and now collaborating with them, it’s a dream!” Carrión says about his album’s all-star ensemble.

In April, Carrión will be performing at both weekends of Coachella. That will lead up to his Sauce USA Tour, which kicks off in May. Over Zoom, Carrión caught up with Uproxx about his latest LP, the mind-blowing collaborations, and hitting the road in our latest Q&A.

What was the experience like to blend the Latin and English rap worlds on your album 3MEN2 KBRN?

I just keep trying to build that bridge between Latin and American culture because I’ve been influenced so much by American hip-hop, but you know I do Latin music. It’s just that: making that connection stronger.

How did the “Gladiador” remix with Lil Wayne come together?

Bro, I manifested the sh*t out of that. Ever since I made the track, I always said, “I’m going to drop it, but if Wayne wants to hop on it, I’m doing the ‘Gladiador’ remix any time he wants to jump on.” Thank God, he got on it for the album. It was perfect.

What did you think when Lil Wayne was down to team up with you?

That’s my favorite rapper! He’s the reason why I go hard on this so much with my punchlines. He’s the reason why I’m picky with my bars. “Gladiador” is one of my favorite intros that I’ve done in my life. Just having him on that song specifically and knowing that it was meant for him and that he liked it. That he heard it and said, “Oh sh*t!” It’s a very big thing for me. He was amazing!

What was the experience like to work with Future on the “Mbappé” remix?

We met in Miami. We linked up over there. We talked for awhile. I had to go back in the studio to do my stuff and that’s when he killed it in his studio and recorded it. And we did the video the next day. It was dope! We closed out [Bad Bunny’s restaurant] Gekkō. There were a lot of people there. It was super cool.

What did you think when 50 Cent decided to feature on the song “Si Salimos”?

I couldn’t even believe it! 50 doesn’t record with anyone. He’s on his producer vibe right now. For him to take time out of his day to really kill that track — because he killed it — it means the world to me.

After years of grinding in the music industry, how do you feel to have an album with your idols on it?

That’s where you have to keep on grinding. That’s where the grinding gets harder. I’m just ready for more work. I’m going to keep on upping the bar.

What was the experience like to reunite with Bad Bunny for the song “Coco Chanel”?

It was cool! I went to LA. We met up. We were locked in for a couple of days. It was just cool to keep up with him because he’s a very busy person. I’m very busy too. To have a couple of days to sit down to talk and just make music, it was super dope to put something out with him again.

By having Quavo and Rich The Kid with yourself and Ñengo Flow on “Peso A Peso,” you’re definitely bringing the worlds of Latin and English rap together.

I think that’s one of the songs that people are going to most like because beat-wise and just how Quavo killed it too. He spoke Spanish. Rich spoke Spanish too. Ñengo killed it! I think that’s going to be one of the easiest songs for both the Latin side and American side to digest because the beat sounds kind of Latin and trap. It’s going to be one of the biggest hits of the album.

How do you feel to be performing at Coachella this year?

I feel amazing! For them to consider me, to go there off of Latin hip-hop, it’s a big thing. People who usually go there are more like pop singers. Just to be like an underground artist, to go there, it’s amazing.

What can we expect from your performances at Coachella and your upcoming US tour?

A lot of me sweating [and] jumping around. Maybe jumping into the crowd. Having people jump into the crowd. Just mosh pits. Just trap sh*t. A crazy light show. I always give it my all. My fans don’t expect me to do less, so I got to bring my A-game every day.

Bad Bunny is one of the headliners at Coachella this year. Is there a chance that we could see you two on the stage together?

Hey, you never know in Coachella! You never know.

What do you want to accomplish next?

Just get better at everything I do. Keep on practicing my art. Keep on going to the studio. Keep on writing songs and focus on tours to give my fans a good show.

3MEN2 KBRN is out now via Rimas Entertainment. Listen to it here.