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iPhone 15’s Overheating Issues Are Making Some Models Too Hot To Hold With Temperatures Of 100 Degrees

The month of September brings a few things to us. It signals that summer is coming to an end, that a new NFL season on the horizon, and that a new line of iPhones is on its way to the world. After holding its annual conference to announce the new line of phones on September 12, Apple opened pre-orders for its iPhone 15 models that same day. Ten days later, the phones began landing in customers’ hands either through prior pre-orders or for those who were lucky enough to score a phone by walking into their local Apple Store. In the few days since people received their iPhone 15 models, there’s been a big issue with the phones that users have noted.

Many people have complained that their iPhones are overheating while charging, with one person saying they’re “almost too hot to touch” according to Dexerto. In some instances, the phone becomes too hot to hold without it being connected to a charger. One person shared a video that showed the iPhone 15 Pro in natural titanium at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) and said that the phone became this hot after “a 2-minute FaceTime call or when scrolling through reels for 8-10 minutes.”

Another user shared a similar video with their iPhone 15 Pro Max hitting 100 degrees Fahrenheit as they left it to charge at their desk without using it. Not all users are experiencing this issue however as one complimented the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s battery life and noted that there was “no overheating so far either.” Over at Digital Trends, contributors Andy Boxall, Joe Maring, and Bryan M. Wolfe all noted that their new iPhone 15 models did heat up during the initial setup, but no further issues were experienced once it was complete.

Wolfe, who noted that he’s owned “every iPhone series except for the iPhone 3GS,” also suggested that overheating is often a slight issue in the early days of a new iPhone. This means that users will just have to wait it out a bit and keep a lookout for software updates that Apple may release to possibly cure the issue.

On the bright side, the iPhone 15 models aren’t exploding like the Samsung Note 7 models were back in 2016.